The January Twofer!

We're excited about our first ever live, in concert album -- cleverly entitled "Live, In Concert" -- which you can order right here online for $14.95 (plus S&H). And if you order now, we'll also send you -- completely free -- a copy of our popular bootleg album, "Hip Boots."

CD 6

In many ways, this album has been a dream of ours for years. In fact, Joe Dobbs would have loved the fact that The Flood finally has a live CD. It was our late fiddlin' friend's favorite comment that the band he helped form 40+ years ago always sounded better at parties and concerts than it did in rehearsals and in studios. “It helps that everybody’s a ham,” Joe would say with a grin.


As everybody's mother always said (usually with a pretty heavy sigh), if you want something Done Right, do it yourself.

Hip BootsWell, in our case, the real truth is that after more than three decades of making music, we just got flat-out tired of waiting for someone else to produce The 1937 Flood bootleg album, and (with a pretty heavy sigh) we decided that if it was going to happen, it looked like we'd have to make it so.

So... meet Hip Boots: The Flooded Basement Tapes. It's a collection of nearly two dozen cuts from various drop-in points during the 40-year-plus history of The Flood, a band deeply rooted in the foggy (some more foggy than others) years of The Hippy Culture. Oh! Want a taste? Click here for a one-minute piece of a "Hip Boots" track from the summer of 2002.

So, click below to order the new "Live, In Concert" album, and "Hip Boots" will come dutifully clumping along behind!