"Autumn Leaves"


Joe Dobbs would have loved the fact that The 1937 Flood finally has a live album. In fact, it was our late fiddler's favorite comment that the band he helped create more than 40 years ago always sounded better at parties and concerts than it did in rehearsals and in studios. “It helps that everybody’s a ham,” Joe would say with a grin. Joe infused The Flood with so much of what the band is today that it is little wonder we sensed him very much among the spirits on hand at the concert last January when we recorded the new "Live, In Concert" CD, our first album without Joe. Listen here to the slightest of trembles in Michelle Lewis' beautiful voice and you can feel a little of what we all felt that night as we performed the song Joe himself brought to the band shortly before he passed away just four months before this show. "I miss you most of all," Michelle sings, "when autumn leaves begin to fall."

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