There's a rumor going around – okay, well, maybe we started the rumor ourselves – that the boys of The Flood don't show up on film. But we now have online proof to the contrary.

Facebook Live, May 18, 2017


Randy Yohe and Dave Ball came by The 1937 Flood’s rehearsal one night to do a promo for the Jewel City Jamboree 3 to be held at the Huntington, WV, Harris Riverfront Park May 26-27, 2017. The result was this rollicking hour-long Facebook Live broadcast, with special guest Floodster Emeritus Jacob Scarr (home for a few weeks from law school in Colorado) and first-family Flood fans Rose Marie Riter and Norman Davis. Enjoy!

The Route 60 Music Co. Show...

Sometimes you start a gig and, just minutes into it, you KNOW it's going be a memorable evening. That's certainly how it was April 15, 2017, when The 1937 Flood came to the good ol' Route 60 Music Co. in Barboursville, WV, where Paul Callicoat and his team of pros treated us like royalty. The audience was wonderful and everybody had a ball. Pamela got some excellent videos which we can share here. Thanks everyone for coming one and sharing your Saturday night with us!


The 1937 Flood has had a love affair with the Gershwin composition "Summertime" for decades. It's never gets old for us. Here's our take on the tune during this show.

Don't Let Your Deal Go Down

 Charlie Poole is a particular favorite of The 1937 Flood. Here we do Charlie's big hit, "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down" -- with a bit of a trick ending! :)


You Ain't Goin' Nowhere

 The 1937 Flood grew up on Bob Dylan tunes. Paul Martin leads us on an especially fine rendition of the hippy anthem, "You Ain't Going Nowwhere," which also is featured on our new CD, "Live, In Concert."


Wayfarin' Stranger

Bassist Randy Hamilton not only the heartbeat of The 1937 Flood; he's also a first-rate vocal, as witnessed here when he treated us to his rendition of "Wayfarin' Stranger," which also is featured on our new CD, "Live, In Concert."

Before the Next Teardrop Falls

Michelle Lewis brings incredible vocals to The 1937 Flood, and we're also looking for new numbers for here. Here e debuted a new one, "Before the Next Teardrop Falls," also featuring an incredible solo by Doug Chaffin.


Seven Bridges Road

"Seven Bridges Road" has been a show-stopper for The 1937 Flood, ever since Paul Martin and Randy Hamilton joined the band. Here,Paul and Randy are joined by Michelle Lewis and Sam St. Clair for their treatment of this classic from The Eagles. The song also is featured on our new CD, "Live, In Concert."


Jug Band Music

The 1937 Flood has been playing jug band music of the 1920s and '30s since the band's earliest days in the 1970s. Here's a jug band classic we did during the second set of the show.



From the new "Live, In Concert"


You can see our new "Autumn Leaves" video, featuring Michelle's gorgeous vocal, along with lovely solos by Doug, Paul and Sam, all from the new "Live, In Concert" album. Click here to watch!


Flood Channeled on YouTube

YouTubeYou asked for it, you got it! Over the past few months, several of you have asked when -- f'gawdsake, WHEN? -- was The Flood going to get its act together and consolidate its helter-skelter videos on YouTube into one finely oiled channel. Well, we listened and recently carved out a few weekend hours to do just that. Check it out -- The Flood can be channeled! Click here lock on through