There's a rumor going around – okay, well, maybe we started the rumor ourselves – that the boys of The Flood don't show up on film. But we now have online proof to the contrary.

From the new "Live, In Concert"


You can see our new "Autumn Leaves" video, featuring Michelle's gorgeous vocal, along with lovely solos by Doug, Paul and Sam, all from the new "Live, In Concert" album. Click here to watch!


Flood Channeled on YouTube

YouTubeYou asked for it, you got it! Over the past few months, several of you have asked when -- f'gawdsake, WHEN? -- was The Flood going to get its act together and consolidate its helter-skelter videos on YouTube into one finely oiled channel. Well, we listened and recently carved out a few weekend hours to do just that. Check it out -- The Flood can be channeled! Click here lock on through