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-- Jan. 2, with Jacob Scarr, "Muddy Willie"
-- Jan. 26, with Jim Rumbaugh, Woodlands, "Glory of Love"
-- March 12, at home, "Walkin' After Midnight"
-- March 17, Route 60 Music Co., "The Wild Rover"
-- May 19, Route 60 Music Co., "Abilene"
-- May 26, with Jim Rumbaugh, Taylor Books,"Ain't Misbehavin'," "Since I Fell for You,
                                   " All of Me" and "France Blues"
-- June 16, "West Virginia Friend"
-- Sept. 15, "Summertime"
-- Oct. 20, "Lady Be Good"


-- Jan. 14, Taylor Books, "Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia"
-- April 15, Route 60 Music Co., "Jug Band Music"
-- April 15, Route 60 Music Co., "Before the Next Teardrop Falls," "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere," "Don't Let Your
                                Deal Go Down," Wayfarin' Stranger," "Seven Bridges Road" and "Summertime"
-- May 18, Facebook Live, multiple songs, 51 mins.
-- June 10, Central City Days, "Didn't He Ramble"
-- Sept. 16, Route 60 Saturday Night premiere, sampler, 8 mins.
-- Oct. 10, at home, "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down"
-- Nov. 7, with Rob McNurlin, "Danville Girl"
-- Nov. 17, at home, "The Last Time"
-- Dec. 5, at home, "No Ash Will Burn"
-- Dec. 19, at home, "I Almost Lost My Mind"
-- Dec. 19, at home, "Fly Me to the Moon"


-- Feb. 12, R.I.P., Roger Samples, our tribute video
-- April 9, Red Caboose, "Wayfarin' Stranger"
-- April 9, Red Caboose, "Sunny Side of the Street"
-- Dec. 27, with Jacob Scarr, "One Too Many Mornings"


-- Jan. 26, Mount Sterling, Ky., Joe and Roger's last jam, "If"
-- Sept. 21, R.I.P., Joe Dobbs, our tribute video


-- March 28, with Chuck Romine, Woodlands, "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down"
-- March 28, Woodlands, "Ragtime Annie"
-- March 28, Woodlands, "My Dear Companion"


-- Jan. 30, with Buddy Griffin, "Flowers of Edinburgh"
-- March 13, Armstrong Cable videos a Flood rehearsal, multiple tunes, 1 hr 10 mins.
-- June 2, Waverly, WV, several tunes, 9 mins.
-- June 28, Woodlands, with Jim Rumbaugh, "You Don't Know Me," "Dead Cat on the Line," "Fly Me to the Moon,"
                              "I Got Mine," "Wayfarin' Stranger," "No Ash Will Burn."
-- June 28, Woodlands, "New Wreck of the Old 97"
-- Aug. 17, Mount Sterling, Ky., Last jam with Rog Samples, including "July, You're a Woman"
                                and "Samson and Delilah" in The Flood's 2018 feature film, Play One More.
-- Sept. 29, Romney, WV, Ken Hechler's surprise party on his 99th birthday.


-- Jan 6, with Jacob Scarr at Wyngate, "Jug Band Music"
-- Jan 18, with Doug Imbrogno & Albert Perrone, "Wild Horses"
-- Jan. 18, with Chris Sutton, "Trouble in Mind"
-- Feb. 1, "Clarinet Polka"
-- Feb. 22, with Sallie Sublette, "Tell It to Me"
-- March 14, with Dennis Dobbs, "Payday"
-- June 17, Romney, WV, "Don't Get Around Much Anymore," "Summertime," "Didn't He Ramble," Rag Mama,"
                                 " Walking After Midnight," "Jug Band Music."
-- July 14, Heritage Station, with Jacob Scarr, "Muddy Willie"
-- Sept. 28, Woodlands, "Walk Right In, "Abilene," "Ain't No Free," "San Francisco Bay Blues"
-- Sept. 28, Woodlands, "Blue Moon"


-- Jan. 22, Mount Sterling, Ky., Samples Bros & Buddy Griffin, "Just Because"
-- March 2, with Randy Brown and Jesse Smith, "Up a Lazy River"
-- March 9, at Wyngate, "Can't Get That Stuff No More," "Fly Me to the Moon," No Ash Will Burn,"
                             "Muddy Willie," "Bye Bye Blues"
-- March 17, Heritage Station, "McLeod's Reel"
-- May 14, Coon Sanders, "Somebody Been Usin' That Thing"
-- May 14, Coon Sanders, "Moonshine in Those West Virginia Hills"
-- May 14, Coon Sanders, with Chuck Romine, "Hello, Central, Gimme Dr. Jazz"
-- June 8, Jacob's send-off party, "Stormy Weather"
-- June 8, Jacob's send-off party, "Whisky Before Breakfast"
-- June 8, Jacob's send-off party, "Down in the Flood"
-- June 29, with Rog Samples, "Ladies Sail Away"
-- July 27, with Wendell Dobbs, "St. Anne's Reel"
-- Aug. 3, with Phyllis Dale, "Kansas City"
-- Aug. 15, with Kathy Castner, "For Baby"
-- Aug. 17, Trackside Studios, recording "Wade in the Water," video sampler
-- Aug. 17, Trackside Studios, "Wade in the Water"
-- Aug. 17, Trackside Studios, "Somebody Been Using That Thing"
-- Aug. 17, Trackside Studios, "Didn't He Ramble?"
-- Aug. 31, with Mike Smith, "On Raglan Road"
-- Sept. 21, with Paul Martin, "Fire on the Mountain"
-- Sept. 28, "Basin Street Blues"
-- Oct. 12, with Rob McNurlin, "Angel Band"
-- Nov. 9, with Mark Keen, "Backwater Blues"
-- Nov. 16, "Moonglow"


-- Jan. 27, "Furniture Man" and "Suffer to Sing the Blues"
-- Jan. 27, "Come All Ye Fair and Tender Maidens"
-- Jan. 27, with Doug Imbrogno, "Champagne"
-- March 10, with Randy Brown, "It Had to be You"
-- March 10, with Randy Brown, "Sittin' on Top of the World"
-- March 17, with Randy Brown, "What's That Taste Like Gravy?"
-- March 17, with Randy Brown, "Good as I Been to You"
-- May 15 , Coon Sanders, with Dale Jones, "All of Me"
-- May 15 , Coon Sanders, "Rag Mama / Gimme Dat Ding"
-- June 16, with Jim Rumbaugh, "St. James Infirmary"
-- July 28, with Rod & Judy Jones, "Heaven's Radio"
-- Aug. 6, Fairmont, WV, "Somebody Been Using That Thing"


-- Jan. 14, with Wendell Dobbs, "The Water Is Wide"
-- Feb. 18, WSAZ-TV's Tim Irr, feature on The Flood
-- April 1, with Mike Smith, "Whisky Before Breakfast"
-- April 8, with Mike Smith, Four tunes from Joe.
-- April 9, "Georgia on My Mind"
-- April 16, "Alabama Jubilee," with Chuck Romine
-- April 19, Picking for Peggy, with Kathy Castner, 8 minutes, four songs.
-- April 22, with Chuck Romine, "Coney Island Washboard Roundelay" featuring Dave Peyton & Wallace Washboard!
-- Oct 5, Harris Riverfront Park, "Wade in the Water"
-- Oct 5, Harris Riverfront Park, "Tear It Down"
-- Oct. 28, with Bill Hoke, "Foggy Mountain Top"
-- Oct. 29, "Vandalia Waltz"
-- Nov. 18, at home, "Ain't No Free"
-- Nov. 19, at the Renaissance Center, "Somebody's Been Using That Thing"
-- Nov. 25, with Matthew Parker, "Wade in the Water"
-- Dec. 22, "Come Back to us, Barbara Lewis, Hare Krishna Beauregard"
-- Dec. 22, "I Never Cried"
-- Dec. 22, "The 4th Street Mess-Around"
-- Dec. 22, "Birth of the Blues"


-- March 7, Huntington civic arena, Ohio River Festival of Books, WSAZ-TV snippet
-- Oct. 6, Harris Riverfront Park, "Jug Band Music"
-- Oct. 8, at home, "Bye Bye Blues"
-- Oct. 19, at Tamarack, two songs, "Didn't He Ramble?" and "Moonshine in Those West Virginia Hill."
-- Nov. 19, at home, "Georgie Buck"


-- Aug. 3, at Prickett's Fort, Fairmont, WV, "Summertime," "Moonshine in Those WV Hills," "Sittin' on Top
                         of the World," "Clarinet Polka."


-- June 22, Charleston, the first FestivALL, WVAH-TV snippt


-- Winter, Joe appears in the West Virginia Lottery Commission's 30-second "bluegrass commercial."


-- June 7, Jim's Steak & Spaghetti, 65th anniversity, WSAZ-TV report


-- Jan. 11, WSAZ-TV, Steve Eschleman story.
-- March 3, at the Cabell Co. Public Library, WOWK-TV and WSAZ-TV
-- March 6, Playing for Gov. Wise's dancing, WSAZ-TV
-- June 19, St. Zita's, WV Public TV, "Outlook."


-- Aug. 19, WSAZ-TV, Opening of the Masquerade Dinner Theater


-- Oct. 29, WV Public TV, "An Evening with Joe Dobbs," Andy Ridenour


-- Sept. 19, "Unchained Melody" music video.


-- June 5, PM Magazine features Joe and Dennis Dobbs in a story about their shop, "Fret 'n' Fiddle."


-- July 7, Pocahontas County, WV, Joe & Dennis Dobbs with Mary Faith Rhoads, multiple tunes, 12 minutes.


The Flood's Feature Films

Flood & Friends (2018)


Over the past decade, scores of friends have sat in with The Flood at its weekly gatherings in a 90-year-old house in a sleepy neighborhood on the South Side of Huntington. This 75-minute film celebrates some of those memorable moments, built around Pamela Bowen's original videos of two dozen friends performing at jam sessions dating from 2009 to the present. Among the artists featured in the film are (in order of appearance) Jesse Smith, Phyllis Dale, Wendell Dobbs, Sallie Sublette, Mark Cabell, Chris Sutton, N.F. "Nerf" Brown, Mike Smith, Buddy Griffin, Rod & Judy Jones, Bill Hoke, Kathy Castner, Rob McNurlin, Doug Imbrogno, Jim Rumbaugh, Roger Samples, Michael Lyzenga, Tom Norman, Paula and Richard Stewart, Mark Keen, Randy Brown, Jacob Scarr, Chuck Romine ... and of course, members of The 1937 Flood as the accompanists and the cheering section!

Play One More (2018)


A few years back, the Peytons (Dave and Susan) and the Bowens (Pamela and Charlie) traveled to Mount Sterling, Ky., for a memorable afternoon with Roger and Tammy Samples, a time of laughs, stories and, of course, music. And Pamela was wise enough to capture videos of some of the tunes we did together, songs that dated back to the very beginning of the band. Of course, that day we had no way of knowing that this would the last time we would all be together … but perhaps there was an unspoken suspicion of that sad reality. By that August 2013 afternoon, Roger was mid-way through what would be a five-year battle with cancer. There were good days and bad days for him, and, sadly, after that summer, more bad than good. But this was a decidedly good day. At the end of a music session, Roger often liked to quote the opening lines of a favorite Ian Tyson song: “Play one more and then I'm leaving, boys. Pick one more — let those guitars ring…” Well, ring they did on this sunny summer day in Kentucky.

Joe Dobbs, Remember Our Dear Friend (2015)


In Memory of Roger Samples (2016)