The Family Flood does love its photos. Whether it's snapshots at parties or jam sessions, concert action photos (as much "action" as the old boys can get these days), posed shots or decidedly much UNposed shots, The Flood and its friends collect 'em and trade 'em. Here we set aside some cyber space just for photo albums.

Joe Elbert Photos

JoeJoe Elbert, long-time assistant managing editor for photography at The Washington Post, took in a Flood concert at Tamarack in Beckley, WV, in October 2008 and gave us some great photos of the guys, pictures that he's allowing us to share on the site.

Click here to view the Joe Elbert Flood gallery. And you can reach Joe's own site right here.

Larry Kendall Photos

LarryLarry Kendall, long-time friend of the Flood, was on hand for the guys' benefit concert for the ARTS Resources organization of Huntington in December 2008.

Larry, who by day works in traffic safety with the City of Huntington, has shared some of the photographs he shot that evening. Click here to see Larry's pictures.

Cori Castner Photos

LarryCori Lynn Castner, who lives in West Chester, Ohio, near Cincinnati, came with her mom, Kathy, for a weekend with the Bowens .

During the inevitable picking party that ensued, she brought out her camera for some delight sepia shots of Floodery.

Click here to see Cori's pictures.

Ed Strelau Photos

Ed StrelauCincinnati's Ed Strelau -- fiddler, photographer and fine Flood friend -- was working in the Huntington area in 2005 and regularly sitting in with the boys in their Wednesday night jam sessions. Ed also climbed aboard "The Delta Bub" to drive with The Flood to a recording session in the fall of '05 at the Bunker studio at Joe Dobbs' Fret 'n Fiddle in St. Albans. Ed took these pictures, which he gave to the band as a Christmas gift that year. Then later he returned with a beautiful six-pack of classic black and whites he took during that Christmas visit. Click here to see Ed pictures.

Pamela Bowen Photos

Pamela Having been The Flood's manager since 2000, Pamela has had many opportunities to shoot the guys -- not to mention to photograph them -- and she almost always has a camera handy. Her collection includes pictures from a wide variety of settings, from jam sessions to gigs, from parties to recording sessions. Here are some of Pamela's favorite shots of The Flood and friends over the years. Click here to see Pamela's photo gallery

Friends of the Flood

FriendsThe extended Family Flood includes all the good people who come to listen and/or pick with us, either at the weekly jam sessions, at parties or at the performances. Here is an ever-growing (thankfully!) gallery of the Friends of the Flood. And if you have pictures that ought to be included in this album, by all means, send them to us! Click here to see the album!

Old Flood Pix

Old FloodThink of it as the Flood's baby pictures. Or blackmail... Take a band that's been around for more than 35 years, you've got great opportunities for photographic extortion. And, of course, the band that extorts ITSELF.... Well, we don't know where that thought is going, but, for better or worse, here are some snapshots from the Flood's earliest days, most of them from the 1970s and 1980s, including shots of great friends who are former Floodsters, like Rog Samples, Stewart Schneider, Bill Hoke and others. Click here to see the Old Flood Album.