Dear Diary... The Podcast Archives: 2008

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... pre-podcasts ... ("Jug Band Music")

The idea for the weekly podcasts began with Sam St. Clair.

Early in the year, Sam noted that the price of good digital recorders had come down dramatically, and he thought we should buy one and have it running during the weekly rehearsals, just … you know … in case somebody might commit some art.

To launch the podcast, we combed recordings of the previous few months and just picked a tune that grabbed us; soon, though -- by the next year -- we were making each week's podcast from that week's Flood gathering.


Video Extra!

... also before the podcasts... ("Bye Bye Blues")


Dec. 21, 2008. St. Louis Blues. It was a warm May evening in 2008, late in the jam session. Doug and Charlie started picking a blues and Mickey Dee and Bub hopped right in. Before it was over, Joe had joined before they handed it off to Jacob. And somewhere along the line, the guys determined that they must be playing “St. Louis Blues,” the old W.C. Handy piece.


-- What's the difference between a pigeon and a stock broker? ...

Dec. 24, 2008. 4th Street Mess Around. Recorded in September 2008, on this track the boys dust off an old Memphis Jug Band tune they’ve not tasted for a while. After a busy summer, it is the first time everyone is back together again — Sam and Dave, Bub and Joe, Doug and Charlie — and it’s fun to poke around in the nooks and crannies of this old song they’ve not played in more than a year.

Dec. 27, 2008. Up a Lazy River. It’s late summer, 2008, and The Chick Singer, Michelle Walker, has dropped in from Cross Lanes. After an evening of tunes, the boys fall into “Up a Lazy River,” with Michelle finding an interesting new vocal line against Charlie’s lead. Solos are shared by Doug, Joe, Bub and Jacob.