A band that has been around as long as ours has many stories, yarns, tales and outright lies that form our lore and legends. Often between the tunes at jam sessions, rehearsals and public peformances, someone in the group feels compelled -- or repelled -- to tell a tale, and if there's a recorder running, it is saved for the ages. Here is a linked index to the stories we've saved here on the site, inviting you to click in and enjoy the ride. Some of the stories are about specific SONGS ... AND there are even dozens of JOKES at the bottom of page. Don't miss them!


DaveFIRST WAVE (1971-90)

-- A Duck Flying Backwards. Talking with host Brad Becker during the band's 2009 appearance on Red Barn Radio in Lexington, Ky., David discusses why he got into Autoharp playing and his how he developed his unique style of playing.

-- David Talks About His Musical Roots. On a 2002 episode of Joe's"Music from the Mountains" show, David talks about how he got started in music in the years before The Flood.

-- Roger Talks of His Youth. On a November 2002 solo appearance on Joe's"Music from the Mountains" show, Rog Samples talks of growing up in Clendennin, WV, in the 1950s and '60s.

-- Remembering the Coffeehouse Days. Speaking with Joe Dobbs on the radio, Roger Samples remember his early days at the coffeehouses at Marshall University and in Ashland, Ky.

-- Those Hippie Pickin' Parties. While being interviewed by Michael Valentine on a 2021 TV show honoring Huntington's 175th birthday, Charlie talks about how The Flood is about a third of the city's age and was born at the parties he and Pamela hosted in the 1970s.

-- Memories about Forgetting. When Charlie temporarily forgets the name of a tune and has to be reminded by David, it prompts a memory from the earliest days of the Bowen Bashes.

-- Our Folkie Heart. While being interviewed by host Arthur Hancock at a 2012 Red Barn Radio concert in Lexington, Ky., Charlie reports the origins of the band.

-- Featherbedding Firemen. Forty years later, Charlie still talked about that first gig as a duo

-- Been on the Job Too Long. Charlie and David admit that after 40 years, they bickered like an old married couple.

-- The House that Named the Band. The house that hosted all those great music parties of the 1970s and early '80s also played a key role in the naming of the band, as David and Charlie tell a radio studio audience in Lexington, Ky., in 2009.

-- The Hippy Girl in the Rain. Years later, Charlie and Dave were still telling one particular story of high times at that first big gig.

-- Loving Mother Maybelle. During a second visit with the Red Barn Radio folks, David expands on the story of his 40-year love affair with the Autoharp (and with Mother Maybelle Carter), speaking with host Arthur Hancock during the show.

-- Our String Band Model. Asked during a 2012 interview where The Flood got its tunes, Charlie expounded on the band's channeling of the original mountain string bands, embracing a broad spectrum of songs and styles.

-- Raggin' on Roger. There's a fine Flood tradition that we rag on anyone who's not the room when it's happening. A sample is this moment from an Aug. 29, 1997, episode of Joe Dobbs' "Music from the Mountains" show, when Joe mentions that Roger was a founding member of the band.

-- Joe Remembers the Earliest Floodings. During a break on an August 1997 broadcast of his "Music from the Mountains" radio show, Joe chats with David and Charlie about meeting them at the Huntington arts and crafts festival, about the weekend-long music parties of the 1970s and of how The Flood got its name.

Joe-- Meeting Joe in 1975. Joe's daughter, Diane, remembers how her dad met Charlie and David at the Dogwood Arts and Craft festival.

-- Discovering His WV Home. Talking with Buddy Griffin on his "Mountain Air" radio show in Glenville, Joe reflected on coming to West Virginia in 1967 and falling in love with The Mountain State.

-- Housesitting for the Peytons. On a November 2002 solo appearance on Joe's"Music from the Mountains" show, Rog Samples remembers housesitting for Dave and Susie Peyton during the winter of 1975-76 and jamming with Joe.

-- Our Jug Band Beginnings. Telling Flood lore to the newer memories of the band, Charlie recalls that fall, winter and spring when the new jug band music came into the mix.

-- Remembering Those Early Days. On a 2002 episode of his "Music from the Mountains" radio show on W.Va. Public Radio, Joe reflects on the earliest days of the band.

-- Roger in the Winter of '76-77.  Charlie recalls how he and Roger learned two songs in the horrible winter of 1976-77, "The Dutchman" and "Spoon River" while hunkering down in The Coldest House in Huntington.

-- Remembering Little Jimmy. Thirty-five years after our one gig at Memorial Field House, we were still talking about the night we opened for Little Jimmy Dickens, as demonstrated in the 2012 reunion with Dennis Dobbs at a Flood jam session.

-- Don't Think About Your Thumb. Charlie tells the two-part story of "Hello, sailor, new in town?" that traced its origins to this particular show.

-- Picking with Bob Byrd. David and Joe share memories of the day. Hear how Joe's grandson thought his grandpa was playing with Captain Kangaroo!

-- Of All the Gin Joints in All the World... Appearing on Buddy Griffin's "Mountain Air" radio show at Glenville State University in March 2003, Joe talks about meeting and touring with Mary Faith Rhoads, including a visit to Casablanca.

-- Ambassador Joe. Speaking with host Brad Becker during the band's 2009 appearance on Kentucky's Red Barn Radio, Joe recalls his trip to Africa with brother Dennis and Mary Faith Rhoads.

-- "Ruby, Get Your Fat Ass on the Train!" Charlie relates how he and Rog came up with a unique technique at this gig for determining if people were actually listening to what we played.

-- How "Music from the Mountains" Came to Be. During The Flood 2009 appearance on Red Barn Radio in Lexington, Ky., Joe tells host Brad Becker about how his own radio show, "Music from the Mountains" came into being.

DougSECOND WAVE (1991-2011)

-- Reflections on a Frozen Reunion. During an interview on Joe's "Music from the Mountains" show in August 1997, David and Charlie remember a freezing cold reunion of old friends in front yard of the Peyton Place.

-- David Tells All (About the Autoharp and More!) From Joe's Music from the Mountains" show, here’s an eight-minute hunk of the evening in which Joe interviews Dave about his history with the Autoharp, followed by a live performance of a Peyton classic, “Furniture Man," Aug. 29, 1997.

-- Scaring Off the Bass Player. Before Doug joined the band in 2000, we made several unsucessful efforts to reel in a bass player. One of our favorite tall tales is our poorly executed campaign to attract Andy Counts to be a Floodster.

-- Ready to be Famous. Appearing on Buddy Griffin's "Mountain Air" radio show at Glenville State University, Joe recalls playing the Fayetteville theater in the summer of 1999.

-- Songs We Play When Dave Goes to Pee. This story reveals the unique urinary connection we had to swing tunes in those early days of playing ... and peeing....

-- The Donkey-Riding Cat. Joe's fiddle made animals commune in the oddest ways!

-- Meeting -- and Courting -- Doug Chaffin. Charlie and Doug recall how Mr. Chaffin became a Floodster

-- Doug Talks About His Musical Youth. On a 2002 episode of his "Music from the Mountains" show on W.Va. Public Radio, Joe gets Doug talking about his roots in old-time rock 'n' roll and his 30+ years of picking with J.P. Fraley.

-- Celebrating Doug's Versatility. At a 2017 show in Charleston, Michelle and Charlie talk about how many roles Doug has played in the band since 1999.

-- Coon Sanders Meets The Flood. Here's Dale Jones' wonderful introduction to Joe, David and Charlie at their first appearance at the Coon-Sanders Nighthawks Fan Reunion Bash.

-- Jazz's Bastard Step-child. That's Charlie three-word definition of jug band music in the band's opening remarks to Coon-Sanders at The Flood's first appearance.

-- Being Eclectic. While being interviewed on Red Barn Radio in Lexington, Ky., by host Brad Becker, the guys talk about their love of musical diversity.

-- Booking the Bagpiper. Joe recalls how he helped book a man he described as "a redneck Marine" to play bagpipes at a same-sex marriage.

-- Chuck Remembers His Beginnings. Talking on a 2002 episode of Joe's "Music from the Mountains" public radio show, Chuck reflects on his musical roots and his attraction to The Flood in early 2001.

-- Kinda Busy Here, Jim... Charlie remembers a moment from that Pullman Square announcement day involving the late, great Jim Tweel.Chuck & Chas

-- Chuck Finally Hears the Words. When Romine first started playing with us, he was so busy learning the chords and arrangement to all those new songs. Here Charlie tells how we were actually on stage when Chuck finally noticed the risque lyrics to some of the song.

-- Our Probation Officer. Another bit of Romine-related Floodishness is this story that Charlie shared with folks at a weekly jam session.

Sam-- Sam's Hoo-Hoo's. As we considered working on an old rock tune, we couldn't decide who would do the hoo-hoos, but then Br'er Sam stepped up. Here's the moment.

-- The Space-Age Harmonica. Talking with host Brad Becker of Lexington's Red Barn Radio, Sam discusses his latest high-tech harp.

-- The Jew's Harp. Sam is always looking for new instruments to add to his arsenal. Here was the evening he brought in the jew's harp.

-- The Nose Flute. And then there was the short-lived Nose Flute Experience.

-- Sam's Wonderlust. On a 2002 episode of his "Music from the Mountains" radio show, Joe talks to Sam about his urging for world travel.

-- Gypsy Sam. Talking with host Arthur Hancock at a 2012 Red Barn Radio concert, Sam discusses his ramblin' ways.

-- Marshall University Meets The Flood. Here's Joe's introduction of the band to the Marshall University.

-- About that Jugband Music. Charlie discusses Appalachian music and culture's connection to weirdness such as jugband music.

-- Two CDs in One Night. Doug, Chuck and Charlie remember recording the first Flood CD -- AND Joe's "Fiddle and The Flood" album.

-- Take It, Chuck! Chuck Romine couldn't always make the gigs -- especially when he and Phyllis were needed in the Florida sunshine... -- but that didn't always stop Charlie for calling on him to play.

-- Which One of 'em's Dave Peyton?! We recall a funny moment from that day at the library bash, courtesy of the late, great local funny man, George Mallot. The clip starts with Peyton talking about stories he had written for the Huntington newspapers.

-- A Request from the Ladies. And here's another story by George from the same venue.

-- Remembering the Third House. In a fall 2002 episode of his "Music from the Mountains" show, Joe and David remember the good times of playing The Third House show.

-- The Back Flip's Backstory. One of Sam's Flood legends is his much-promised -- and never delivered -- back flip on stage. Here (in a conversation eight years later with our even younger Floodster Jacob Scarr) is the story of Sam's Back Flip.

-- How The Flood Got Its Name. Charlie tells a live audience that, because they're nice folks, they won't have to buy the CD to find out how The Flood got its name.

Michelle-- How Flood Music Might be Deductible from Your Taxes. The band offers its little-know jugband seminary.--

-- Meet the Guys, Including the Boy Toys! At the live performance with the Huntington Symphony Orchestra, Charlie introduces the usual suspects.

-- Kazoo Education. Ten years after the concert, speaking at a 2012 concert in Lexington, Ky., David tells host Author Hancock about having to teach the orchestra how to play kazoos.

-- Chuck's False Start. A dozen years later, Chuck was still remembering one particular moment from that evening. Here, from the chatting at a 2015 jam sessession, Chuck talks about his false start on "Sweet Georgia Brown."

-- Stumped in Steubenville. Charlie, Doug and Chuck remember the band's worst gig.

-- How MANY People Were There? With magical mathematics, Charlie and David tell an audience about the ever-increasing size of the crowd that heard the band at the previous summer's riverfront gig.

-- Working Up the Tune. Producer George Walker left the recorder running to capture the birth of the new "Music from the Mountains" theme song.

-- The Ride of the Valkyries. David, our hoodoo voodoo kazoo guru, warms up with a Wagner...

-- You Gotta Wonder Where People Like that Come From. Charlie and David remember a gig at the old Huntington Galleries.

-- Playing for the Riverboats. Talking with an audience, we wonder if our name will be a turnoff to visiting boat passengers.

-- The Flood's Toughman Contest. Without consulting Joe and Chuck, we discuss another money-raising venture.

-- Michelle's First Gig. At a 2012 Red Barn Radio concertn in Lexington, Ky., Michelle tells host Arthur Hancock the story of her first show with the band.

-- A Rare Scene: A Nervous Michelle! Charlie remembers watching Michelle's first performance with The Flood at Snowshoe

Paul-- Michelle's Civilizing Influence. Michelle figures she joined the band just in the nick of time.

-- Michelle Remembers Her Debut as a 4-Year-Old. Something about a 2015 concert at Trinity Episcopal Church had Michelle nostalgic.

-- Trailing the Trained Dogs. Chuck, David and Charlie recall sweltering at the state fair -- AND following the trained dog act.

-- Jazzou Jones Recalls the Recognition of his Flood Orneriness. Before be featured on an encore at a Spring 2008 Coon-Sanders gig, Jazzou tells about inviting The Flood onto The Delta Queen.

-- Hava Nagila with a Banjo and Harmonica Lead. The guys remember playing this wedding and their first stab at Hava Nagila

-- Messing Up Our Karma. Eight years later, we were still talking about this afternoon. Here's a comment from a 2011 show in Mount Sterling, Ky.

-- Mule Meets Kazoo. Recalling the effect David's kazoo solo had on a nearby mule.

-- Mule Memories Linger. ... and nearly a decade after the event, memories of the mule-kazoo duet were revived at a show in Barboursville.

-- How Trains Feel about Banjos. Charlie and Chuck recall the Ceredo gig years later.

-- Songs to Ride the Bull By. Charlie recall gigging at Snowshoe Resort and watching folks riding a mechanical bull to one of the tunes.

-- Dave Does Show Tunes. It starts with "Old Man River" and devolves into "I Feel Pretty..."

-- Corrupting the Youth. Charlie and David recall The Flood's history in the corruptions of the region's youth

-- Harvey was the Captive Audience. David and Charlie remember playing at Harvey's memorial service.

– Playing a Wake. Charlie recalls the odd winter’s evening as the band entertained folks who had just arrived from a funeral home.

-- Remembering How We Met Miz Rose. Nine years after our introduction to Rose Riter, we talk about that original sky-diving birthday party.

-- Santa Among the Cajuns. Joe remembers motorcycling in Cajun Country in the weeks after Christmas. "Sometimes you forget what you look like...." he said.

-- The Website. On the band's 2006 appearance on "Music from the Mountains," Joe asked Charlie to talked about the merchandise available on The Flood's website. The discussion even led to a premium service Sam night offer.

-- Calling All Roadkill. We remember great Summer '05 shows, especially the Roadkill Cookoff in Marlinton, WV.

-- Exploiting the Kazoo Envy. Recognizing the obvious admiration that the concert audience had for all things kazoo, we offered a hummer of a group participation number.

-- Eau de Fairmont. Charlie and Chuck reminiscent about a certain stinky moment at one of the Fairmont gigs.

Jacob-- How We First Learned Jacob Played. Charlie relates the story of the shy young man who would soon liven up The Flood's entire set list.

-- Do You Too Kazoo? Dale Jones and Charlie exchange barbs about kazoos. Then the extended Kazoo Seminar commences.

-- Dale Jones Gets Out the Hook. He comes up with a special line to get us to quit playing.

-- Corrupting Shirley and Norman. At a 2011 concert in St. Albans, WV, we reflect on our inexcusable corruption of lovely pair of opera lovers.

-- The Story of Jacob. Interviewed on Lexington's Red Barn Radio during a 2009 appearance, Charlie tells the story of how Jacob because the youngest Floodster.

-- Doctor Jazz Returns. Chuck Romine rejoins his old compadres on stage and gets the respect he expected.

-- The Music Stands. Dale Jones comments on the band's snazzy new music stands ... and finds out how we use them.

-- Shirley Trip to the Dark Side. How Sam's song corrupted Shirley Davis.

-- Dale Jones Reminisces. At a spring 2010 fundraiser, Dale Jones reflected on 10 years of Floodishness at the Coon Sanders bashes.

-- The Miniskirt. Joe recalls one of those rare moments in which was distracted while playing....

-- Jacob Gets a Haircut. The reaction is delayed but significant...

-- Autograph Hunters! Joe talks about how the kids at West Virginia Tech asked for Flood Lite's autographs.

Bub-- Rose Admires Bub's Little Thing-A-Ma-Bob. Just as The Flood gets its new podcast up and running, Miz Rose Marie Riter challenges it with some of her racy talk about our brother Bub's new coiffure.

-- The Flood's Coon Sanders Contribution. Coon Sanders chief Dale Jones told us how much he appreciated The Flood's role in the annual. 

-- Talking to the New People. Charlie explains to new arrivals at Coon Sanders why in the world The Flood is there.

-- Unhappy Huntington. Caution! David wars that happiness in Huntington might get you fined.

-- Remembering Chuck's First Time. David remininces with Coon Sanders folks about Chuck's debut.

-- Healthy Humming. The bring the latest health news for the annual kazoo seminar.

-- Why We Get to Play Here. It took a while, but the guy FINALLY figured out why Dale Jones invited us to doing the annual "jug band breakfast."

-- Is Jacob Wearing Pants on the Album Cover? When our friend Norman Davis raised the question, we explained our clever marketing strategy with that cover photo!

-- The Strategically Placed Hat. ... and then a week later, Michelle delivered the line perfectly at a show in Barboursville when Jacob, home from college, was sitting in with the band.

-- The Lasting Memory of the "Wade in the Water" Session. In a 2021 interview by Michael Valentine, Charlie talks about even a decade later, the August 2011 session at Bud Carroll's studio has a fond place in Flood lore.


THIRD WAVE (2012- )

-- Frog Attack! Back in the winter of '04, our friend Edwina Ziegler brought the band a unique Valentine's Day present, a tin status of a frog playing a guitar. The friendly amphibian stood peacefully on the book shelf in the Bowen house library where the band practiced each week and was without incident until seven years later when Peyton rocked back a bit too far in his chair and toppled Froggie. In this audio, we first heard the actual attack and then the recounting of the incident at later jam sessions.

Book-- Hearing from Cousin Helen. A few months later, Dave got a call from his cousin, who still talked of that January night ... with an interesting twist. Here's the audio of Dave's report on the phone call from Helen.

-- "Who's Got My Car Keys?!" Finally, this little moment about the birth of a new Flood trope. The audio begins with Charlie and David reporting on an incident from the Wyngate, then segues to the actual moment in the show when Michelle is trying to tell and a story, and ....

-- Randy's Origin Story. During a 2012 Lexington, Ky., Red Barn Radio concert, Randy Hamilton tells host Arthur Hancock how he came to play bass with The Flood.

-- Norman's Kazoo Debut. Since Peyton couldn't make the Coon Sander do that year, we called on Norman Davis to conduct the Kazoo Seminar.

-- Joe's Kiss and Tell Book. At a 2012 concert, we begin plugging Joe's new book, "Country Fiddler."

-- Memories Prompted by Joe's Book. In the days after the Joe Dobbs Book Tour, childhood memories are sparked by what the fiddler wrote.

-- A Kinder, Gentler Joe? It also inspired talk of whether Joe was "nicer" to folks after the book tour.

-- That Fat Tone! During a 2003 visit at Glenville State University for an appearance on the "Mountain Air" radio show, host Buddy Griffin reminisced about recording a twin fiddle album with Joe.

cd5-- A Clean Album for Donna. A couple of days before the initial recording session, we talked about the concept for this new CD. Here are Charlie and the folks talking about Donna Chaffin, Doug's wife, and her dream of a "clean" Flood CD that she could give to her friends.

-- The Fairmont Freeze & David's Naked Fingers. How cold was it? When your fingers are so numb thatthey don't know they're fingerpickless, that's cold.

-- Nancy McClellan and the Coffeehouse Days. Charlie relates how he and Rog once thought they help Nancy out on a cold winter's night ... and discovered she needed no help at all.

-- Surprising Ken Hechler. We found a song born the same year as Ken himself.

-- Finding River Songs. There are some that are for an acquired taste.

Randy-- Charlie's Nightmare. Memories of messing up the rhythm on Randy's featured song.

-- But What About the Children? The show taught us how few of our songs are "kid-friendly."

-- Serious Memories. Our farewell to the "Tom Sawyer" audience.

-- Meet Paul Martin! Charlie introduces the newest Floodster to a 2015 concert audience.

-- Dancin' Jim Rumbaugh. ... and the deal the band made with him!

-- Rev. Chip Graves Introduces the Band, reflecting on his own experiences visiting a Flood jam session just across the street.

-- No Bordellos? David wonders why The Flood gets invited to houses of worship but not to houses of ill repute...

-- Remembering Trinity. A month later, while playing a raucous blues festival, we're still talking about "the churck gig."

-- Randy Yohe's Intro, with a salute to our "hippy-dippy" roots.

-- A Shoutout to the Floodwall highlights his closing remarks at the end of the set.

-- Eclectic Joe. People usually don't know that it was Joe Dobbs who was the prime motivator for making The Flood an eclectic string band, as we tell a Charleston audience a year or so after his death.

-- Remembering Joe on the First Warm Days. Months after Joe's death, Charlie was thinking about Joe on his motorcycle in the first really warm day after a long winter.

-- Coping with COVID-19. In March 2021, Marshall University professor Chris White invited Charlie to his podcast to talk about how he and other musicians had coped with the lockdowns and quarantines retired by the Covid-19 pandemic.

-- Reuniting in the Time of COVID. Charlie tells Marshall University professor Chris White on his podcast about the joy of reuniting with the whole band after six months of quarantine during the Covid pandemic.

-- Doug's Purple Shirt. When Doug goes his snazzy new electric guitar, we were worried about whether his wardrobe would keep up, but then...

-- The Man of Many Instruments. Between tunes at a 2019 show in Charleston, Michelle and Charlie marvel at how many instruments Doug Chaffin has played with the band since 1999.

-- Blame for the Rain. During our soaky set at the Jewel City Jamboree, we confess our connection to the weather gods...

-- Thinking about Friendships and The Flood's Legacy. On his podcast, Marshall University professor Chris White asked Charlie Bowen he has taken from a half century's involvement with the band, a question that led to thoughts about friendships, family and caring for The Flood's legacy.


About the Songs

2000-- Re-routing Train Songs: Speaking to a concert audience in 2012, Charlie remembers when he and David played their first gig, to retired railroaderss, offering up, among other treats, an irreverent parody of a train classic.

-- Remembering Blind Blake: On Joe's "Music from the Mountains" show in 2006, Charlie gives a shoutout to a great singer/guitarist/composer.

-- Oh, THAT "Blue Moon"! On Joe's "Music from the Mountains" radio show, David offers his own introduction.

-- Got the Title; Now Learn the Song! How a "water song" led to an album cover.

-- Lesser-Known Ludwig. We discuss the rumor (which, well, we started) that Beethoven wrote "Dead Cat on the Line."

-- Is Georgie Buck Kosher? David and Miz Rose discover a religious connection to this old Aunt Jennie song.

-- Funky Butt. Charlie shares what he's learned about Jelly Roll Morton and his friendship with the legendary Buddy Bolden.

-- One of Life's Great Truisms. Sam's introduces "Ain't No Free" during a 2009 radio show in Lesington, Ky.

-- One-Note Solos (and Sambas)On one evening, our buddy, jazzman Dale Jones, used this tune to teach a bit on music theory (and a lesson in minimalism.)

-- Are We the Only Ones Who Love This Song? To a 2006 concert audience, we confess our love of Peggy Day.

-- Compositions While You Wait. How The Mississippi Sheiks Came to Write a classic blues standard.

-- When Georgia Tom Got Churched. During a 2009 show before a live radio audience, David tells the story of Tampa Red and Georgia Tom.

-- Charlie's Long-Suffering Grandmother. A song prompted an important conversation with Grandma.

-- Remembering the Other "Stormy Weather." Joe, Doug and Charlie remember a poignant connections to the song "Stormy Weather" from an old Flood Lite gig.

-- Gus Gets His Due. Charlie tells how Gus Cannon got his royalties.

2002-- The Power of "Furniture Man." Joe and David share stories of the long history -- and far-reaching ramifications -- of trhe old Dick Justice tune.

-- An Ohio Valley Native. Charlie reports to a concert audience what he learned about the history of a riverboat song.

-- Hello, I'm Charlie Poole!   To a radio studio audience in Kentucky, Bowen tells his favorite Charlie Poole story about the easiest gig the North Carolina Ramblers ever had.

-- Flood Live on the Net? David raises the question of whether the band's weekly jam sessions ought to be streamed live on the Internet.

-- Novel Wedding Songs. Pamela recommends the imminently danceable "Somebody Been Using that Thing" for the set list of an upcomign wedding party gig. Brainstorming ensues.

Hating on "Misty." We reflect on how how much Peyton really didn't like this tune.

Is That ...? While sitting in with us, Wendell Dobbs asks the questions others might have been weighing.

-- Misty Kazoo. Dave considers whether a kazoo would help "Mity." The votes on that are still being counted.

-- Revising W.Va.'s State Song. David tells a concert audience our proposal for a new state song.

-- Charlie's Epic Fail. We remember just how badly we (well, okay, CHARLIE) screwed up in front of our heroes at the great Coon-Sanders Nighthawks Reunion.

-- The Philosophy of Sonny and Brownie. It's a tune for the current economic situation.

-- Who Stole from Whom? Charlie tells an audience at a live show about how a couple of famous poets curiously used the same line, insecting in one song.

-- Sorting Out "Soldier's Joy." Joe and Charlie talk about how this old fiddle tune got its name.

-- Any Song You Want, Love! Sometimes we get our wires crossed with the introductions sound the same.

2008-- "Pretty Polly" with a Happy Ending? The guys consider alternative endings for this old murder ballad.

-- Doing Dave In. Joe had tried to get one over on Brother Dave without much session, until this February evening in 2012. Take a listen to the start of "Red Wing."

-- Kazoo Emergency! Joe's brother Dennis, visiting from Texas, compliments Dave on his extraordinary kazoory, which leads to collective speculation about what might constitute "a kazoo emergency."

-- Basin Street Kazoos. How we "fixed" a tune with an infusion of kazoory at the end.

-- But What Does It Means? We're always uncomfortable about singing a song we don't really understand ... but it hasn't stopped us, we notice...

-- Source for "Ladies Sail Away" On a November 2002 solo appearance on Joe's"Music from the Mountains" show, Rog Samples discusses the source memories for his song "Ladies Sail Away."

-- Jug Band Roots. Most people who heard "Walk Right In" as a folk song in the 1960s never realized the tune had its originals in jug band music.

-- The Long Tale of the Dead Cat. To a concert audience in 2006, David and Charlie share their love of Georgia Thomas Dorsey.

-- A Secret History of "June Apple." Joe shared the Inside Story of how he came to play "June Apple" the way he did.

-- A Rarity. We get a request for a tune -- and we know the tune!

-- Remembering Past Wives. A song prompts Joe to recall the 24 years, three months, two weeks and four days he spent with his first wife.

-- Say My Name. Norman Davis shares a story about a new friend at the nursing home.

-- Searching for the Title. Often the tunes come to us a lot easier than their titles. Here we give Randy a special assignment.

-- Remember a Civil War Classic. On his Glenville radio show "Mountain Air," Buddy Griffin talks to Joe about the origins of "Lorena."

-- Wrapped Her WHAT? Michelle has fond memories of David's alternative lyrics.

-- Coordinating Our Ad-Libs. Charlie rcalls how he and David had to synchronize their hey-hey's, lord-lord's and yes-yes's.

2008-- He Hated St. Louis, But... W.C. Handy wrote the song for which the town is best known.

-- Songs Grandma Didn't Know. Some tunes Grandpa learned down on Front Street.

-- Margaret's Waltz Memory. Talking in 2021 with Marshall University history professor Chris White on a podcast, Charlie talks about the playing of "Margaret's Waltz" at Nancy McClellan's funeral.

-- Shake It Like WHAT? Charlie explains to an audience at a live show how the lyrics he sings evolve.

-- Flood Birthdays. To a 2011 concert audience, we discuss our alternative happy-birthday tune.

-- Oops. International Women's Day? We sometimes forget to look at the calendar when we're picking the tunes for a show.

-- Requests Filled In Advance. At a Charleston show, we tell the story of filling a song request before it was even made.

-- To Not To. Pamela has a rule about playing "ear worms" too close to bedtime.

-- Discovery and Copyright. How W.C. Handy carefully cultivated "Careless Love."

-- Teaching the Words. Sam urged a special pronunciation in the sing-along to "Way Downtown."

-- Mother Peyton's Wade in the Water. David tells how his Methodist mother was persuaded to cover all her bases with a little secret baptism.

-- History Lesson. It's all so we can get that big grant money!

-- A World of Difference Between D and G: At a 2015 show, Charlie is still haunted by a key mistake.

2015-- Water Imagery. This blues is a little something for the English majors.

-- But Was It "Kid-Friendly"? Remembering the strange history lesson we imparted to a group of children.

-- The Skinny on the Shimmy. Charlie remembers his grandma, the flapper.

-- Hippy Memories. A signature Paul Martin tune brings back '70s memories.

-- Because Joe Told Us To. Michelle and Charlie share a last memory of Joe Dobbs, specifically about the song "Wonderful World."

-- A Joe Dobbs Sighting. Danny Cox, who never met Joe Dobbs, still managed to have an encounter with the late fiddler because of the song "What a Wonderful World."

-- Keeping It Alive: Wondering if we're the only ones still doing "Dusty Boxcar Wall"...

-- The New Orleans Connection. To a FOOTMAD concert audience, Charlie points out a cool connection between string bands and the early jazz guys, using "Didn't He Ramble?" as evidence.

-- Learning to Talk Like Us! We use Hazel Dickens lyics from this song to teach yankees, as Charlie told an audience at a show in 2002.

-- Singing to the Composer. We have a chance to sing "West Virginia Chose Me" to the woman who wrote it. Here's Michelle and Charlie's introduction.

2018-- Charlie Poole Among the Baptists. Bowen remembers trying to find connections among Pamela's relatives. "Charlie Poole? Never heard of him!"

-- When "Ain't Misbehavin'" Ain't For Them. Charlie remembers how the traditionalists at the Vandalia Gathering were not really into the Floodishness

-- Embracing Roots Music at its Best. In introducing a tune at a Spring 2019 concert in Charleston, Michelle and Charlie talk about the band's long history with a great variety of musical styles. Eclectic R Us.

-- Utah Meets West Virginia. We love how a man named "Utah" writes a great Mountain State song!

-- Canadian Television, Eh? Charlie tells a 2012 concert audience about The Flood's upcoming debut on Canadian TV.

-- Irony is what we called it.

-- Born on the Riverbank. During a riverfront show in Spring 2019, we note the riverfront roots of a lot of our music.

-- Remembering The Great Folk Scare. We talk a bit about the long history of Billy Edd Wheeler's compositions in the folk music era of the 1960s.


These Are the Jokes, Folks...

-- What's the difference between a pigeon and a stock broker? ... (David)

-- This minister in church is healing these people ... (Joe)

-- Two old farmers were talking ... (Chuck)

-- This guy left his banjo in his car ... (Joe)

-- There was this fello who wanted to meet these young ladies in a bar... (Charlie via Jazzou Jones)

-- This woman went to a grocery store... (Dale Jones)

-- These old boys are out fishing in a boat one day and ... (Dale Jones)

room-- There's this fellow in a bar and he sees these two twins... (Charlie)

-- So, these two guys are touring hell... (Charlie)

-- The captain's on the ship, and the guy up in the crow's nest says ... (Charlie)

-- A guy from Kentucky went to California on vacation ... (Roger)

-- A guy named Myers grew up in this little town ... (Charlie)

-- A West Virginian goes to Washington and ... (Charlie)

-- Ned and Ed are out and the barn and ... (Joe)

-- There are a conversation between this guy from Marshall and a guy from WVU ... (Jim Rumbaugh)

-- A teacher asked her kids how they celebrate Christmas ... (David)

-- Mike goes to see Paddy on his death bed and ... (Joe)

-- These two Irishmen were shipwrecked ... (Tom Norman)

-- Did you hear about the 10th reindeer? ... (Jim Rumbaugh)

-- A duck walks into a drugstore ... (Charlie)

-- Moses comes down off the mountain ... (Joe)

-- This Mexican maid wants a raise and ... (Charlie)

-- There's this tour operator and she goes into a bar and says ... (Michelle)

-- This old guy's on his death bed ... (Charlie)

-- This old guy said his nephew sent him a bird for Christmas ... (Joe)

-- This writer was having writer's block ... (Charlie)

-- This lady took the baby to the doctor... (Joe)

-- Sharing a little trivia story ... (Joe)

-- This old golfer goes into the pro shop ... (Chuck)

-- This Methodist fellow dies and gets up to heaven ... (David)

-- An old woman comes into a bank ... (Charlie)

-- This young guy was getting ready to get married ... (Rob McNurlin)

-- There was this banjo-accordian duo ... (Rob McNurlin)

-- A cop sees this car out in the Lovers' Lane ... (Charlie)